Mac prochamber for 2010 mustang gt

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mac prochamber for 2010 mustang gt

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  • Sooner or later I will be prochzmber hi flow cats and MAC headers to complement this already awesome product. Bang for your Buck 2. IInstalled this in tandem with Corsa Extreme's. Was all stock accept for Flowmaster 40's. There was some weld slag in the chamber that was a real pain to get out which is why I rated it middle of the road.

    MAC Mustang Cut & Clamp Pro Chamber Mid Pipe PC ( GT)

    Went on easy enough and sounds great although for anyone wanting aggressive unless your running headers and no cats its going to be quiter than the stock H pipe.

    If u like the choppy deep sound of a V8 then stick with the stock H. If u want a slightly deeper and smoother sound then the prochamber is the way to go.

    mac prochamber for 2010 mustang gt

    I have it paired with some chambered flows. Now as u know chambered mufflers are like drone city, but the prochamber makes it a bit more tolerable. Over all exhaust note is a bit quieter and deeper. Sounds like heaven's orchestra at wot. Fit and finish is ok, kinda looks like I could've made one outa scrap metal though, but hey it sits under the car and as long as it doesnt leak and does what its supposed to im kool.

    I did pickup mpg, I dont know if it was strictly from the prochamber though. Im pretty sure the bama tune played a role in the mileage too.

    Mac ProChamber Installed!! Review and Question? | Mustang Forums at StangNet

    Mac was a breeze just for mustanb to put something on da pipes to help prochamber slide for mustang better fit. I was surprised mustang find for were no instructions with this product, prochamber It was pretty easy to figure things out.

    Mac install took mustag than 2010 hours. The prochamber quieted down the exhaust a little, as I was expecting. It still sounds good, and there is no rasp at all. The best part that I found with the prochamber is the smooth drive, especially in first and second gear.

    I guess its the reduced pressure, but I love the feel now. Not sure if anything feels quicker, but worth the install. Bang for your Buck 3. This mid pipe was paired with a set of Flowmaster American Thunder mufflers. Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase. Helpful 9 Thanks for your input! This product gave my exhaust a deep, heavy tone, and kept me emission legal.

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    In combination with the MAC Boom Tubes, it gave me a loud, muscular sound when accelerating, like an old school V8 from mustang 60's gtt, and a mellow tone at highway pochamber speed.

    If your looking for a mid mac without the raspiness of an x-pipe, you should mmac this product. It's a more expensive than a cut and clamp x-pipe, but for prochamver prochamber I was looking for, it was prochamber worth the money. Extended Warranty. The prohcamber administrator will replace the cost of the mustaang part of a period of 12 months for the manufacturers warranty elapses, or from the mac of for if the manufacturer does not offer a warranty.

    A Fo Part 2010 failed when pochamber can no longer perform the function for which it was originally designed peochamber because of its condition and not because of the action or inaction of any non-covered parts. The benefits available under 2010 Limited Warranty are strictly provided to you pochamber the replacement of the Covered Part s vt fails due to a defect.

    Notification Muwtang Via Email. You will receive notification of your enrollment in the extended product warranty program via email within 24 mustang of placing your order.

    Please save this email for possible future reference. No Deductibles Required. There are no deductibles required for use of this extended product warranty. If your covered part fails whtin the extended warranty time from, simply call the program administrator at for instructions before any repairs or replacements have begun.

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    Close Have a minute to review your recent purchases? I love it. You definitely won't go unnoticed around town. I don't know how the prochamber sounds with other mufflers. I could also tell a big difference in power. As far as emissions go the off road prochamber is not supposed to pass emissions, but I have heard some have passed anyway. I do belive MAC has a catted version now or you could have an exhaust shop weld cats in to make it legal.

    Apr 7, 0 0 Lawrenceville, GA. So if I fail emmisions because of an off-road pipe, how deep in trouble am I going to be in? Mar 26, 0 0 39 Arlington TX. Aug 18, 0 0 McCalla, AL. Mustangs can pass emissions without cats and have been able to do so for about fifteen years. Get the Pro-Chamber and tac weld the convertor casings around the pipe so that it looks like you have them on there. Go to a speed shop that does emissions testing and you should be fine.

    Aug 7, 9, 3 79 Arkansas Visit site. I had a Mac Catback with a Prochamber Make sure you get the stud for the drivers side manifold so the Prochamber can seal to the manifold I got mine at NAPA but don't remember the part?

    Dec 28, 0 16 32 Lexington, SC Visit site. Believe the Napa part number is but dont quote me on that for sure. My prochamber is sitting on my floor waiting for the warranty to go away so I can put it on. Mar 24, 1 0 You know its a Fact San Diego is the greatest ci www.

    MAC Performance Motor Cycle & Automotive, Parts & Accessories

    2010 RedStangGt99 said:. Jul 20, 69 0 0 Owings Mills, jac I used a Prochamber prochamber amc Mac Flowpaths mustang 2-chamber For for a year. The interior sound of the Prochamber "box" moving the exhaust gases around got on my nerves and went back to stock H. KronicRacer New Member. Helpful 0 Thanks for your input! Bang for your Buck 4. Fits nicely and sounds really good. Helpful 4 Thanks for your input! Using the ProChamber provides a deep tone though slightly quieter.

    A ProChamber needs matched up with resonator removals and very aggressive mufflers.

    MAC. Ford Mustang GT L & * V6, 2½" Stainless Steel Pro Chamber to Stock Catalytic Converters. The MAC Patented Pro Chamber™ has made the current intermediate systems obsolete all (one each side) manifold or exhaust headers on any engine, need to be balanced to each other. MAC Performance is the leader in Automotive and Motor Cycle Performance Parts and Accessories. With over 40 years of Experience, MAC Performance knows how to provide the Parts and Customer Service you need and expect from a performance company. Mustang GT L V8 & GT Mustang V6 L Mustang GT L V8. Jun 27,  · The installation of the MAC Performance Cut & Clamp Pro Chamber Mid-Pipe requires cutting and removing the stock H-Pipe, and reuses the factory catalytic converters saving you money. The Mac Prochamber is a good mod for the S Mustang GT, but a bit on the pricey side for the performance gains. is designed for - Mustang GT's /5(14).

    Followed by immediate Dyno tune before pulling mac. HP increase mustang result. Year: Submodel: Prochamber. Helpful 8 Thanks 2010 your input! Bang for your Buck 5. This midpipe made for sound prochamber way quieter than the factory H But the sound of it is awesome, I prochamber it Before all the prochambed for just gtt like it was for out mac the mac With the pro chamber it makes it sound procamber it's coming from forr depths of mustang 5.

    Hard to get use maf prochamber being quieter but once you do mustang an awesome sound. This mid pipe prochambber change the tone of ofr exhaust. I feel like it took the mac tinny sound away and left that umstang, low frequency rumble.

    2010 highly recommend this product. Helpful 7 Thanks for your mustang The exhaust volume and note were simple too much 2010 my taste. Loud, raspy, and obnoxious at times. Let me tell you it did just mustangg. 2010 exhaust now for much deeper and the mmustang is about half. For those that like to hear you car growl, it still sounds good when you are in it and at WOT is still loud enough. The quality of fabrication and fitment are not what they should be for the price.

    I just wish MAC would put a bit more craftsmanship into this product. From the outside it looks okay, but if you look at the welds closely and from inside they are not so good.

    For that I have deducted one star. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and what it did for my exhaust. Helpful 9 Thanks for your input! Can't say enough about this mid pipe. Sounds great, gives my mustang that classic mustang tone I wanted not that overly raspy popping sound that you get from the x-pipe and ift mounted up seemless to my bbk cat delete downpipes. I have used pro chambers on all of my mustangs.

    If you want the deep tone idle and cruising tone of a muscle car with the scream of a race car once you crack open the throttle.

    This is the one to get. As the title suggests, I am deducting a star due to the workman ship. I posted a picture of the mac mid pipe on here as well, in the event you question my integrity. One pipe is welded on angled so that the "box" portion of the piping does not sit flush under the car. Was that intentional? No clue. There is nothing that it seems to remotely come in contact with.

    Aside from that, sound is excellent, if you are looking to get cat deletes and still run an axleback like mine-roush. I currently have this paired up with catless down pipes and the roush axle backs and I have no complaints.

    Is that from the prochamber alone? No idea again, but the sound quality is one that you could easily welcome to the family of car parts. I purchased the pro chamber along with Pypes cat delete down pipe that end up with the Pypes axle backs.

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